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Puck sized switch/dimmer - Why mounting ears? and what is the connector for?


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I once (2013) ordered one puck dimmer to test it ought. As I realized how big that thing is it went directly into the drawer and I git rid of the idea of lighting control with C4.


Now 2 years have gone by and I am again at the verge of installing lighting. Now took a closer look and was asking myself two questions:


1) Why are there mounting ears when the puck module has to go all the way inside the wall-box !? If I put it in with the mounting ears I have a grey and dull looking switch without any means to operate it in my room, doesn't make sense to me !? - there are as far as I know no Control4 puck dimmers with Faceplates !?


2) There is small connector on the front of the switches with a little tape over it - what is that connector for?




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