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C4 and UPnP drivers


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Hi all!

I've recently been asked to develop a new driver for a television which can be connected to the network over TCP/IP.

The manufacturer provided me with a technical document that explains pretty much every command that should be sent

in order to control the television and 

the underlying protocol.

What concerns me the most is that a commad can only be sent using UPnP,

but I don't think that C4 have this capability (i've read something about DLNA in the DriverWorksSDK docs, though). 

Am I missing something or this driver request is something I cannot fulfill?





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Control4 has some UPnP functionality built into driverworks but I've always built my own UPnP functions. It's pretty easy. It's just restful based XML with multicast discovery,

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Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with UPnP, but if it's worth the effort I'll look more into it.

Any suggestion on where I should start?

UPnP.org is a great resource. I would also recommend using a packet sniffer to see what data is being sent to your device so you get a low level understanding.

Quite a lot of technology nowadays uses UPnP or a derivative of it so its well worth learning.

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