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HVAC mode vs state

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Would anyone know the difference between HVAC Fan mode and HVAC Fan state in programming?


I created a timer and programmed the fan to go off after 15 min I set it manually to Auto

if HVAC Fan mode change

if HVAC Fan mode = ON

start timer

On experire set HVAC Fan mode = AUTO

stop timer


What would it be different in using the Fan state?


Do I need a "stop timer" after timer expire? I added as precaution because I saw the timer still being active after expiring (green light on).

I am afraid the OS keep cycling the timer (restarts the time) after it expires and uses computation resources


thank you for clarification anyone could provide

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Mode is what it's set to, not whether the fan is on or not.


Typically, fan mode is 'On' or 'Auto'.  'Auto' means the fan is on when the heat or cool is also on.  'On' means the fan should be on.


The Fan *state* is whether the fan is actually on or not.



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