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Faceplates - where to buy screwless?

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better yet, just use control4's...

Anybody have pricing on this? Anybody willing to sell them to me? It takes my dealer like 4 weeks to get anything new from C4 to me and usually involves a long trip downtown to go pick it up.

Otherwise, I'll check out Lowe's this weekend to compare pricing. Based on the number of faceplates I need the cost will be important.

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Ha! Yes, OK I will try Lowes. My local Home Depot has nothing larger than two gang screwless faceplates which seem to be the minority in my house. I'll check Lowes to see if they have the 3 or 4 gang variety.

HD's screwless plates are slightly narrower than the Lowe's ones (I forget the brand), and yes Lowe's has up to 4-gang ones usually in stock.

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