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How to trigger alarm state on Concord 4 through Control4


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In composer I don't see how to trigger the alarm in programming. I have ComposerPro so I have access to everything.

I am a developer by trade so I have the programming worked out in my head but the only thing holding me back is to force the Concord 4 into an alarm state and I just can't find a way to do that. I thought about creating a duress code because I could just send the code through the director but then I read that the duress code is a silent alarm which will not work for what I want to do.

What I want to do is say that if my nyce door/window sensor opens then trigger the alarm. I have a bunch of windows I will put sensors on and when the system is armed i want any of them being opened to trigger it immediately so I'm OK with crude programming that doesn't take groups on the Concord into consideration or report a zone.

I guess if there is no other way then I would have to look into using a wireless contact relay wired to a zone on the panel and close the relay when any of my ZigBee door/window sensors open.

Any help you could give would be awesome, thanks!

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OK so I do have a question. On the Concord 4 panel I am using zone 1 so there is a ground terminal and a Zone1 terminal. The hc800 has COM, NO, and NC. I am wanting to wire as normally open so that if the power goes out my alarm doesn't go off while it still has power via the battery.

I'm not sure if I have the wiring wrong because the relay driver on toggle mode causes the panel to see it open and then closed about a second later and the opposite if I invert the driver. I expected me closing the relay to cause the panel to read as if I opened the window and stay that way until I open the relay.

Can someone explain how I need to wire this?

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I figured it out. Wire COM to Ground and NO to Zone 3 which is setup for normally open relays. Make sure you add the end of line resistor. I simple bent the resistor into a U shape and you put one side in the ground on the panel and the other to Zone 3

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