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Blue Iris Issues - set up


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The documentation seems so easy, yet I am having so many issues setting up Blue Iris.


I have 4 cameras, 2 Lilin and 2 Foscam.  They work fine with the BI Software.  Now I am trying the driver.


I tried my own personal DNS address, a Foscam DNS Address, my actual external IP address and an Internal IP address.  I cannot get any of the 4 cameras to work with the BI Driver.  I've tried user name/password combinations of my Admin account with BI as well as the log in info for the camera.  I have the publicly Accessible box checked, I have the refresh rate at 1, etc.


I am also working of a fresh download of Composer HE as I just installed 2.7.2 tonight as I was upgraded a few days ago.


I cannot figure this out, 0-4.  The documentation reads easy, the driver interface looks like my other camera driver interfaces.


What simple step am I missing?

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Try the lan address first to see if that works, if it doesn't check the default blue Iris checkmark for "secure login" only, make sure it is unchecked, as control4 doesn't support that authentication. Once the local works, make sure the ddns name works in a browser, this will verify that both loopback, and your port forwarding are working correctly, and then it should work in c4 like this.

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