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Lutron Network Driver Issues

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I'm working on a C4 system that is using the network to talk to a Lutron RadioRa 2 system. I'm having a few problems and I am curious if you guys are seeing the same things. 


I see a fair number of network data errors in the Lutron Repeater Lua window. It looks like somehow the leading \r\n are being dropped. I'm considering changing the driver so that it doesn't need a leading \r\n.The downside to this is that it misses occasional state notifications. Here is an example:

new: messagePos = 18  remainingBufferLen = 0  receiveBufferLen = 17

ReceivedFromNetwork(), idBinding = 6001, nPort = 23, strData = <~OUTPUT,21,30,1,100.00


pos = nil

strMatch= nil

Error: Invalid Network Command


strData = ~OUTPUT,21,30,1,100.00


remainingBufferLen = 24

g_Receivebuffer = ~OUTPUT,21,30,1,100.00


I don't see this issue when I'm working with rr2 directly via telnet or netcat. 
 Anyone else seeing this?
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