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Zone2 and Zone3 bindings


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I have a Yamaha RX-V2067 and am trying to connect zone 2 and zone 3.


My receiver is in my TV Lounge room.


Zone2 is Main Lounge 

Zone3 is Pool Room


My Media device is Kodi (new XBMC) where analogue output is connected to Receiver AUDIO2 input.


I have added the XBMC driver in both rooms.


The problem is that when I select listen, Kodi the receiver changes to Zone2 or 3 but the audio doesnt change. If I manually change it to Zone2 AUDIO2 then the audio is played in the zones.


I am only wanting audio, not video.


Basically whatever is playing on Kodi in the Main zone will play in the other 2 zones.

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Have you set the audio endpoints for the lounge and pool room to zone2 and zone3?  If so I've seen in some receiver drivers that still don't switch properly.  At that point you just have to say when audio device is changed in lounge, if audio device selected is XBMC then set zone2 input to "x".  It's pretty simple, just gets a bit tedious if you have a lot of sources.

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