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Samsung JS9500 4k Direct TV mode


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Ok, this may be a tough one.


Have a Samsung JS9500 TV with the 4K Direct TV dongle attached (so it basically has Genie built into the TV). How can I make the displayed "remote" in C4 to mimic the Direct TV remote and not a samsung remote when playing direct TV, but the samsung remote when using the smart TV to view say Netflix?





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Create a Samsung ir driver with inputs for rvu and smarthub (make them hdmi inputs even though they aren't). Attach a dtv ip driver to the rvu input, and a almost the same ir driver to the smarthub input named smarthub. Edit the macros to go to input so that the main ir driver emits codes to make smarthub or rvu connections. Direct tv ip control should work with the genie ip address and the room name, I think

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