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Easy Importer - unable to open db on HC500


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New, virtually complete, install wanting to move CDs onto HC500. After connecting to HC500 via Easy importer I am receiving

"unable to open database: \\\db\mm.db" message.

Which shuts down Easy Importer.

Anyone seen this before and any solutions available?


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Is there really a space in front of the ip address? Is the IP address of your HC-500?

Is the HC-500 your master?

I'm not all that familiar with Easy Importer, but those are the questions I'd be asking.


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It's a strange scenario.

After installing the Easy Importer, connecting to the HC500 and receiving the error described above all of my digital audio became unavailable. I was able to see the content on the remote and GUI but it would not play in any of my zones.

I restarted the HC500 and everything returned to normal. I am going to reattempt and see if the Easy Importer is what is causing all my digital content to become unavailable.

The HC 500 is the only controller in this system, so I assume it is the master and I will double check the error message.

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How do you confirm if your HC500 is the master?

I am unable to load any mp3s to the HC500. Using any tool available - Easy Importer, Composer media edition, etc.

I am getting a variety of errors all in regards to a path not being available to the IP of the controller and the \media sub-folder.

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