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Multizone audio setup


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I bought a home that has 10 zones of audio in a very analog set up as follows:


Sound sources --> Yamaha Receiver --> Soundcraft BB1235 --> volume controls in each room   (downstairs) and

Sound sources --> Yamaha Receiver --> Soundcraft BB835 --> volume controls in each room   (upstairs)


Problem of course is if you want to watch TV in one room and music in another or different sound sources you either can't or have to walk around and manually control volume.


My cheap interim solution downstairs was to buy a cheap 3x5 matrix switch with a splitter on one of the outputs wired into each of the Soundcrafts channel pairs. Now I only have to go to the closet to isolate rooms and I can pump the Sonus to one room, the FM to another etc. This unit has IR control but would have to right a driver for it and the switch has one major flaw, you can't turn a zone off only switch to a different input.


So, I want to intergrate this into my Control4 setup and be able to put a switch that can control room by room. My question is what does this look like in Composer. Specivically the connections and room settings. At the moment the receiver is the audio endpoint. I presume that with a proper matrix switch and driver that the audio endpoint in each room would be the matrix switch with following setup:


Sound sources --> Yamaha Receiver --> matrix switch-> Soundcraft BB1235 --> volume controls in each room  (with option of pulling the receiver and having multiple sources to switch)


Presumably the Listen would be up in each room and each room would show up as an audio zone and turning them on or off would just be sending signal to switch?

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