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Apple Music and 2.8 AirPlay Driver Question


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Just upgraded to 2.8 and had dealer add Airplay Drivers.

What works great - I can tell Siri to play anything I want, change the AirPlay to my Control4 Airplay and everything works great

What is not working - If I then tell Siri to play something else, it stops playing on my speakers.  It will always play the first thing you tell it to play (even if a long playlist), but then if you switch to something else it stops playing.

Troubleshooting so far:

When I tell Siri to play something else, AirPlay is still set to Control4, and in Control4 it still shows zones going from the Airplay

The only way I can fix it is if I stop all the zones through Control4, then change the AirPlay back to iPad, then tell Siri to play a song, and change back to Control4 AirPlay.

Is anyone else using Apple Music and the new drivers and having this issue, or found a solution?



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