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What is an "Outlet Light"??


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THis seems to be a device that must be added when you have a C4 "Wireless Outlet Dimmer" or "Wireless Outlet Switch" in a project.

I've read the Help pages several times, and I'm still confused as to when/why this is needed . . . and only for the plug-in devices, not the wired-in ones.

Sometimes it seems to create itself when I add a device, but not always . . .

Can someone explain the concepts here?

Also, how do I use the "power-sensing" features? I don't see a variable for that anywhere in the programming, or an option in the AV device drivers . . .


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it's just what you said, a light attached to an outlet dimmer or switch. You wouldn't need one for a "wired-in" light which I'm assuming means an wall switch or dimmer...Binding an outlet light to the outlet dimmer or switch in composer is what gives you the ability to turn the light off or on, dim or brighten...The outlet switches can be used for power sensing or lights...that's why there is an "outlet light" that can be bound, b/c there is more than one option for these devices....when you bind the "outlet light" it shows up under the "lights" icon on your navigators..If you were to bind it to say, an av device (for power sensing) then composer knows it's not a light load and wont display it as a light in the navigators...Here's your how to on power sensing.

add an a/v type of driver to your project. on the left side, right click it and go to "edit driver". then go to the box that says "power feedback" and click "contact sensor". then go into the connections plane, and bind the "contact sensor" which is under "control inputs" to the outlet switch. Note: only outlet switches support power sensing. to my knowledge, outlet dimmers will not support this. if you need pics let me know.


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Thank you, Neil!

I get the part about the power sense, but I'm still not clear why a plug-in dimmer needs the "Outlet Switch" device, but the wired-in (wall switch/dimmer) does not.

Is the Outlet Light just related to power sensing?

Also, for the plug-in dimmers, you can specify a current level for the "ON" state, but is there any way to use the current as a variable- such as to tell if one or more lights on the same switch are burned out??


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