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Frontpoint Security Integration - any updates?

Jon Dunning

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Hi folks - I'm brand new to the forum and am looking for feedback related to Frontpoint Security integration with the C4 system.  I have done exhaustive research on both C4 and Frontpoint, but cant seem to find any threads or posts related to whether anyone has successfully managed to integrate the 2 systems (Frontpoint for security obviously, and C4 to make the magic happen ;)

I am having a new home built (4400 sq ft), and would like to use C4 for all of my home automation throughout (lights, shades, A/V, Home Theater, Security, etc) and really like the look and feel of the Frontpoint system for security.  Would appreciate any real world feedback from someone out there who may have already conquered this task!

Thanks in advance! 

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I've never heard of it. Integration is unlikely but would require a driver if Frontpoint allows any third-party interaction. That would mean Control4 or another driver developer writing a driver.

But the security system "look and feel" is pointless if you're going to integrate with Control4. The whole point of automation is that you control everything from Control4, and thus, the "look and feel" of the security system is a non-factor.

Head here for an idea of the look and feel of the Control4 Security interface. http://ctrl4.co/userguide and go to the Security section. If you like that, there's lots of information here on security panels that integrate well with Control4.

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I looked at the security site, don't be fooled by pretty graphics on a panel that is communicating with a wan server. The architecture behind the front point security system is a wireless ge Simon unit. There is no 3rd party integration here, they are using a radio to report to their server, and likely a closed Api to have their interfaces communicate with your account hosted on their server. Either way the information is going out there and they are allowing you to interface with it. How secure is that??? Not in my new home! The beauty of control4 is that you can design a fully closed automation system that can communicate with the Internet of things, yet doesn't rely on them. This is the same reason I use native c4 stats and not nest. Best bet is to find a real security company that will hardwire every sensor, since now is the best time for that. There are many quality panels that will integrate with control 4, here is a good list in order of my preference:

Elk M1

Ge Networx

Ge Concord

Honeywell with HSIM

Honeywell with 4232CBM

Others I haven't used:



Dsc with HSIM


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