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NetPlay can be your solution for sports bars & restaurants


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We find that most Control4 dealers focus their business on residential opportunities.

With NetPlay AV, you can expand your revenue by tapping into the lucrative restaurant/sports bar installation market.

NetPlay solves all the problems which has held back these installations in the past.
1. Support for very large systems (up to 1000 by 1000)
2. Flexible HDMI, control, and audio distribution via simple IP network
3. Very affordable, often half to one third the cost of competing systems
4. Integration of advanced digital signage including transparent ad overlay on video
5. Wow features like huge video walls and video tiling on every tv
6. Fully supports Control4. We also have low cost complete iPad based solutions
7. 24/7 system monitoring with email notifications

This promo video can help you market these solutions to businesses in your area. Make 2016 your best year yet with NetPlay!


More information at www.video-storm.com

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