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Zwave Alerts when it is disconnected from C4


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I have had my system for almost a year and it has been great! I introduced my vera lite/zwave system to the C4. It works great and integrated nicely with my HC800. 

On rare occasions, once or twice a month, the zwave devices disconnect.  I simply go in and refresh the zwave ID's and it starts talking again and all is well.

Does anyone know how to set up some sort of alert when it is disconnected from my C4 system?  I have looked at the different options, and since zwave is limited, in terms of alerts and notifications within C4, I am not too sure how to get the setup to tell me there is a disconnected devices from my C4 system.

The Zwave system is up and running, so I know it is not a failure on the Vera side.


Just thought I would put it out there and see if anyone had ideas. Thanks!

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