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  1. I have an HC 800 for sale as well if you are interested and a HC 250 as well.
  2. JFH, Did you ever get a response to this. I am having some trouble with my irrigation caddy and am now monitoring the lua logs and believe it is a memory leak. Just thought I would see if you had any luck on this. Thanks!
  3. I have had my system for almost a year and it has been great! I introduced my vera lite/zwave system to the C4. It works great and integrated nicely with my HC800. On rare occasions, once or twice a month, the zwave devices disconnect. I simply go in and refresh the zwave ID's and it starts talking again and all is well. Does anyone know how to set up some sort of alert when it is disconnected from my C4 system? I have looked at the different options, and since zwave is limited, in terms of alerts and notifications within C4, I am not too sure how to get the setup to tell me there is a disconnected devices from my C4 system. The Zwave system is up and running, so I know it is not a failure on the Vera side. Just thought I would put it out there and see if anyone had ideas. Thanks!
  4. I am checking out my system with HE and I was trying to see how the navigator and the keypads interact. My system is a 2.8 with a 250 an 800 as well as a music distribution amp. It appears that if I push one of the keypad buttons (7 button c4 keypad) that it will control my navigator and it updates the navigator in terms of status and volume with no problem. If I start the system via navigator, the keypad does not do anything (will not control volume it appears). Is this normal functionality or am I missing something in the programming? Thanks!
  5. Thanks again, I downloaded and installed NDIS6 and it worked great. Thanks again!
  6. I cannot connect to my HE version 2.7 or 2.8 remotely since the 2.8 update. I can get in just fine locally. Has anyone else had an update or did I miss the update on another post? Thanks!
  7. Works Great! I got a message this morning that the door was left open and I was able to close it. Thanks for all of the help guys!!
  8. I created this event to start at 8am. Let me know if this works. I assume it is what you are referring to?
  9. So to make sure I am doing this correct, I would say, this: ?If time is between 9am and 5pm ? If the Shop->Front Door is Open =>Send Push Notification "Garage Door is Open" Just want to make sure i am doing this right. I also assume I would nest the notification under the second item? Thanks again!
  10. Basically I started with Garage When Garage-> Garage Door is Open ? If time is between 9am and 5pm ==>>Send push notification "Garage Door is Open"
  11. Thanks, Not sure if you want me to copy the code from HE or just a snapshot of what I have. I send several alerts to log items to a log email address. Should I send an image or copy the code?
  12. I would like to check the status of my garage doors during a schedule range. I have alerts that work great if the event occurs during that schedule say 8am-5pm, but if my kids leave the door open at say 7:50am, the system will not tell me at 8am that the door was opened, at least the way I have it set up:) What I am doing is setting up a schedule between these times and if the door opens or closes, it sends me a notification. Is there a way I can check the status when it rolls into this schedule to tell me that the door was left open prior to when my schedule kicks in? I am sure I am just approaching this wrong. Thanks for any help!
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