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Tons of color change kits


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I've got LOTS of barely used color change kits... I have:

I have a WHITE and IVORY of:

adaptive phase kits

regular switch kits

keypad kits

keypad dimmer kits


all in the NEW generation style

No scratches or ant damage.  Some actually are brand new, others were VERY lightly used.

respond or send me a message.  I'll make it fair to you, just want them gone and cover some of my costs.  

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Ok, so at the moment I have:


13 - Light almond switch plate only.  These are the switches with the spots for the leds on the top and bottom.. BUT I do NOT have the top and bottom small pieces that usually come in a kit.. this is the switch plate ONLY


19 - regular white, APD/FPD entire kit.  switch plate along with top and bottom pieces

13 - regular white switch kit.  These are the exact same as the APD/FPD kit, except the small top piece does not have the extension in the back to turn the power to the switch off.  It connects the same and looks the same from the front.



Lots of other kits in IVORY color, I just haven't counted the inventory yet.

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