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Control4 Pad - Initial Release


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Link: https://houselogix.com/shop/control4-pad

High-level Feature Overview: 
- Ability to find and launch correct version of composer if it is installed 
- System information and network exports 
- Enable/Disable services 
- Retrieve wireless statistics for devices connected over WiFi 
- Network restart 
- View network interface information 
- Reboot devices

This is a project I've been designing and working on for some time now. I finally have it at a point where I think it is suitable for a public release. It has enough features to make it worthwhile using, and it has saved me a ton of time everytime I go and troubleshoot a system. I can easily see what version the system is on, if device versions match, I can see if director is even running, and if it isn't I can enable it quickly. I can view network interface information to see whether a controller is hardwired or wireless without even having to go see where it is if it's a job I'm not familiar with, among many other things.

Just yesterday, I took a network export of a system, and I had to log into that system to fix a couple things the next day. Because the MAC address of the controller was logged in the export, and I couldn't find the account name associated with the system, I was able to see by searching the controller ID that it was saved with the wrong account name (because there were similar jobs).

My main initiative for developing this project was to have something that I could use, and help others with easier Control4 troubleshooting eventually as well. My idea was that once a few people start using this program, the brainstorming pool of suggestions and bugfixes would turn this into something more than I could have done on my own.


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Awesome :) Hope you'll find it useful.

Update - Version is now released with some performance improvements, minor fixes, and a new network status indicator which will show whether you're connected to a network (not necessarily that you have internet connection).


I will plan to step away from development time to write up a user manual for the software. It's pretty basic and there are information dialogs provided within the software, but I figure it would be easier to help others get a jump start if I had a help document. Essentially responses are color-coded. Red for director, green for system manager, and blue for a device just being recognized on the network.

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Now released with an installer which will resolve dependencies among other things to simplify the software setup procedure. The installer adds shortcuts to the start menu and the desktop by default for easy access to launching the program. It also hides the generated license key in the programs directory so that you don't accidentally delete it, along with a changelog and a README file for future release information.

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