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Have any of you set up a jack to use headphones that is connected to C4?

I am wanting to use my headphones at night when my wife goes to bed, to watch movies! She hates the action movies and I want to listen to them LOUD!! Its really sucks watching action movies at such a low volume and CC on!!! lol

So I want to hook up a jack that I can plug in my headphones. All my equipment is in a media closet 50' away from my family room.

Any ideas?

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I actually did something like this in 2 rooms where I wanted the option of audio without speakers. I was already using 16 zones of audio in the house so did not want to add another amp / matrix to do it.

The way we did it instead was, as follows:

Audio comes from the source into the matrix. It goes from the matrix into one of the two amps and from the amp out to the ceiling speakers.

We control volume in the system from the matrix and keep the AMP volume set at a constant level for each zone.

What we did was split the signal coming off the matrix for the 2 audio zones we wanted headphones in. For those two zones, there is the normal pair of L-R going to the amp, but barreled together on the same RCA jacks is a L-R running to the room itself, and to a headphone jack in the wall or under the desk.

Then, in the programming for each room, I have a custom button called "speakers on/off" which toggles the mute for the room AT THE AMP. That way, the normal C4 audio control still controls the headphone volume, but the speakers themselves remain silent.

I believe this would only work if you're using a matrix and an amp, but if you are it works quite well. You simply jack in your headphones and toggle the speakers and you're in business.

One other option which I have done is to use the audio outs on the back of an MTS, run them to a headphone jack with a simple "RCA > 3.5mm" cable, and then map that audio output to a phantom room. This works great for digital audio, but I noticed on video that it introduced maybe a quarter- or half-second delay in the audio so that it did not sync with the video. I'm guessing this is because the audio is being digitized and then decoded at the MTS.


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