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Listen Command Not changing port on receiver

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Hi all,

Recently my integra receiver died and was out of warranty. I ended up replacing that with my pioneer sc 37. I have made the connections and it works fine with the video selection but with audio selection ( Listen mode) it still stays at the video input and doesn't go to the audio input. 

Audio devices including apple tv, hc800 and home server are going through control4 audio splitter and then to the pioneer receiver. 

Connection screen shot is attached. Please help me out with this issue. 


Thanks in advance. 



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What audio source are you select when it stays on video, tunein?

If hc800 is connected both hdmi and analog it will always choose hdmi as first. Do you have any audio source that is analog only, like cd player? Try with that, if connection is analog only it shouldn't stay on video input.

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