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Syncing two dimmers with Composer...


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I have two dimmed lights that are very close to each other, and I'd like to make them turn on and off together and maintain the same dimmer level at all times. They are each controlled by a single Wireless Dimmer switch, and nothing else. I essentially have it working, but it is not perfect. The lights will end up at the same level, but the other light from whichever switch I am using flashes to full power, then returns to the dimmed value after a second or so or doesn't sync at all at times. I feel like I am almost there, but am missing something. I used the top and bottom released action from each switch to set the LIGHT_LEVEL = to the other light_level for each switch, but it only worked well if I hold the switch to dim the light up or down. If I use the Level Changes action to set the other lights level = to the current light level, then the other light flashes on and off or doesn't work at all all of the time. The turn off action works fine to turn off both lights. I think I may need a pause or something to work in conjunction with the top and bottom button release actions, but am not sure how to do that...

Thanks in advance.

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