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TheDriverLab Beta Team, TEXT HOME driver

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The TEXT HOME Driver by TheDriversLab

TextHome is your next favorite driver. Did you ever want to have quick access to trigger commands in your home from anywhere in the world?

TextHome is the solution. Utilizing your phone's SMS you can now issue commands on your project, anywhere, anytime. The driver can detect free form texts such as "Lock house down". It also parses parameter based messages such as "Turn hallway on" and "Set hallway thermostat to 75". Your controller receives the messages in real-time and the response time is instant!

We are currently looking to add new beta testers to our team. This will get you early access to our newest amazing drivers. All participants in the program will receive significant discount for the final product.


To apply to join the beta program, please email: liran@thedriverslab.com



Press Contact:

Phone: 1.855.866.7433

Email: Info@thedriverslab.com 


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