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I know 1-2 upgrades ago they changed up some stuff with SIP to allow to add other door stations, but as far as I can tell (and as far as my dealer can tell) it is still a crippled SIP implementation.  It only allows SIP devices to talk on the same network and does not allow for remote communication.  With technology as it is, how can a $199 Ring Doorbell allow you to talk to someone outside of their network?  The SIP server in C4 should be more configurable and user friendly.  Hopefully adding a better SIP implementation could lead to letting you use your cell phone to call a touch screen while you are not home, or vice versa, having someone at home use a touch screen to call you on your cell phone when you are not home.  If someone rings your doorbell and you have a door station (C4 or other brand) you could talk to that person at the front door.  The technology is there, and I am hoping C4 can implement these changes to their SIP functionality in upcoming releases.

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