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Programming on Sonos "Paused" state


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I'm trying to program the LED color on a 6-button keypad to change based on the state of my Sonos Connect.  I'd like to use different colors to recognize each of the 3 possible Sonos system states - On, Off, Paused.  I have it working fine for the On and Off (i.e. stopped) state.  However, I have not been able to find a way to trap/test for the Sonos system being switched into a Paused state (where it is still an active audio source for a room(s) and music is in the queue).  When the Sonos system is active for a room, but the music has been paused, the Sonos "Play_Status" property reflects "STOPPED".  So I haven't been able to distinguish between the Sonos being stopped all together and simply being paused,  The Sonos driver does have a property called "Paused" but that always seems to be 0 and doesn't seem to change regardless of the Sonos state (play, paused, stopped).  

I've searched high and low on this forum trying to figure out a workaround.  I've seen posts where folks suggested programming using the Pause key pressed event for a room.  But if the Sonos play state gets changed through the Sonos iOS app, I don't think programming on a pressed key event would capture that change.

I guess I could program off the Sonos Stopped property (which also gets triggers when the system is simply paused) and then check all of my rooms to see if the Sonos is still an active audio source.  If the system thinks Sonos is STOPPED but it is still an active source for a room,  then I think the Sonos system would be in a paused state.  This programming sounds messy and inelegant, but maybe my only solution.

Any other suggestions?


EDIT:   I just figured out that the Sonos "Paused" property does get update properly when playing  music services like Pandaro and Spotify.  However, when streaming SiriusXm or TuneIn stations through Sonos, the Paused property does not get get changed when it is paused.  

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