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Which of these scenarios is best to get 16 audio zones?


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HC-500 is the master.

If I have 16 different audio zones can I get two 16 channel amplifiers since they can each output 8 zones and chain them together? Will the controller understand that?

OR do I need the audio matrix switch and the two 16 channel amplifiers?

If I need the audio matrix anyway am I better off with another brand of amplification since the internal audio switch is no longer necessary?


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well this poster wants 16 zones, so a matrix switch is a perfect candidate. the amp can totally handle, and matrix switch 8 inputs, but there is no preamp output for that errant surround sound zone. in some installs you'll have 8 zones of stereo audio and one zone of surround sound - in order to feed stereo audio sources analog to the receiver, you'd need that to be part of the audio matrix switch. now some people run digital audio only to receivers but it's always good to have a stereo analog line in there too - so the matrix switch wins again. that piece is just very robust and useful.

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How do you connect the matrix switch to the speakers? Seems like the outputs from the matrix switch are all RCA connections? Dont you need two multichannel amps in order to connect to the 16 zones of speakers?

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I get it... if you try to daisy chain 2 multichannel amps only get 15 zones? Why couldnt you just use Y splitters to output from your sources into both multi channel amps? I doubt anyone actually has 8 input sources, let alone 16, so it should be enough.

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I actually have another question. I have 12 zones of audio, but only one multichannel amp. Some of the zones will always play together but I separated them just because I didnt want to daisy chain too many speakers together off of one output. Is there a cheap way I can make a few of the zones always play together, without buying another super expensive multichannel amp?

I also have 2 7.1 channel Denon AVR2808CI receivers, only one of which is actually part of a 7.1 system, so I could use the spare 2 channels on the other receiver to source one of the zones.


1. Basement

2. Deck

3. Garage

4. Kitchen

5. Living Room/Dining Room

6. BR #2

7. BR #3

8. BR #4

9. Attic

10. First floor bedroom

11. Basement bedroom (Doesnt need to be connected at present)

12. Master bath

So, essentially I have 11 zones that I need to feed, and only 9 zones of output. I can make it so the garage always plays the same as the deck/patio (as long as I can independently control volume, which I can with control4), and the living/dining can always play the same stuff as the kitchen. Essentially I need a way to split the speaker signal from 2 of the zones into 4 zones. Any suggestions?

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Ive already got 4 speakers on some of the zones I need to double up (deck/patio & living/dining)... so this would bump it up to 6 on each if I used that method. Plus, I need independent volume control on the garage speakers so as not to piss off the neighbors *too* much. :)

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