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How to view Backup file?


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The entire project is just a ZIP file (rename the extension) and you'll be able to open it. It's all text files - so they are viewable in NOTEPAD. Composer HE will be able to open up the backups - BUT - be careful, as it's going to automatically restore them too!!! Meaning it'll overwrite your current project. The "virtual" session is an option only available (I believe) in Composer Pro (the installers version). So if you want to look at a backup - make a backup of your current project FIRST - then load the backup over the current project.

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Thanks to codeman and slemay for giving me a better insight into c4p backup files.

After changing the extension to zip I easily opened them and got

an images subdirectory, mm.db and project.xml.

The images/album directory opens into a whole bunch of tar files which seem to be album art. Maybe other things also - I only opened one and got 4 sizes of Jethro Tull covers.

The project.xml file opened with oowriter and contains lines of ascii describing the code

of the project.

I haven't figured yet how to deal with mm.db but using less it appears to contain

a lot of code interspaced with ascii.

I'll probably have to get HE to go further but the contents of the c4p file give me some info on what's going on. Can you tell I'm a programmer <g>?


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