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use of philips pronto in Control4 system


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can anybody know how to integerate philips pronto remote to control4?. The help file of composer 1.3, under "Program using IR Inputs with Third-Party Remote" giving reference to control4 site which dosn't exist!. the mask bit - how it is programmed in pronto??. if i convert the Hex code to Pronto format is it enough??appriciate anybody can help me find the pronto codes refernced in the help file of composer 1.3

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What are you trying to accomplish with the Pronto remote? The help file you're talking about (I believe) is talking about the controller's ability to *learn* device codes. I'm just trying to understand a little better what's going on so we can help.

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thanks codeman, according to help file, we can use any third party remote panels to control C4 (HC300 /HC500 etc..), what i am trying to do is, to integrate Philips pronto TSU9600 with contol4 HC300. i need advice about the Hex codes which can be programmed in Pronto. as per the help file, they have given codes for all Control 4 commands in Hex format, i need to convert it to pronto code:

for example:

Control4 command for cancel is 121. (Pl refer the help file).

i need to convert this hex to Proto hex format and add Mask bit for room. the pronto accept codes as below:(this is sample code only)

0000 0049 0000 000B 0030 0030 0060 0060 0060 0030 0030 0030 0030 0060 0060 0030 0030 0060 0030 0030 0030 0030 0060 0060 0030 05A7

how can i convert the hex 121 of control4 code to philips prontos format and add mask bit??

as per the help file

"The actual Control4 IR Input codes are available online at http://www.control4.com/" target="_window">http://www.control4.com/. From this list, you can copy and paste the codes for your programmable remote control."

but i am unable to go the site referenced in the help file. if you can direct me to this link i can copy the codes but the link is not working.

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Oh, you want to control control4 with another remote.

As far as converting Hex to Pronto, have you tried the forums over at www.remotecentral.com ? I used to visit there when I was considering a pronto (before I found C4).

I will see if I can find something on the list of c4 IR codes.

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