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777's for sale on ebay - 7 Available - Black Color


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Hmm, Refurbished no warranty for $750.

New with Warranty for $200. more..

Garage sale quality or New?

A used but polished piece of **** with no warranty, is still a used polished piece of **** with no warranty.

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Hey, no need to flame me. :( These are direct from sony and have been refurbed by sony and come with full warranty from sony. I ship with the sony paperwork.

I hardly feel that my comment would be considered flaming.. No need to be so sensitive is there?

OK You purchased From Ebay or Sony?

Sony Warranty?


Is that a 90 day warranty given they are refurbishe

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I purchased them all from Sony. I have been struggling to find one and they had some the other night. As such I purchased a backup for myself (I love my existing one and can't stand the thought of not having one if it pukes) then 7 more which was all the remaining stock. Figured I would help those who were looking for them as I know how hard they are to come by. With taxes, shipping, ebay fees, paypal fees at that price I clear $98 per unit for the hassle. I figured that was fair. I will sell any of them direct for $720 if you use paypal, and $700 (including shipping) if you send a cashiers check (I can't accept CC's). My feedback on ebay is perfect since 1999.

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