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Mobile home screen shortcuts


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I recently set up a Harmony Elite for my in-laws for their family room + zone2 outdoor deck speakers as well as tied in google home and smartthings. One things that the harmony app has that really impressed me was it has a small banner on the home screen that is super convenient.


When the system is off you have the ability to activate the first 3 activities quickly without having to open the app, as well as the last activity that was ran you have mute toggle, vol+ and vol- all without having to open the app itself. This is based on which hub you are connected to for "Room Selection" but the Control4 MyHome app could just let you choose a default for these or remember the last room selected

If i get bored if someone has the 3rd party IR codes I wouldnt mind snagging a hub for myself, and using the IR input of my HC300 to trigger the activities and volume for just my family room


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