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LILIN Camera Selection



Have a project coming up with 8 security cameras. I'm thinking about specing the LILN cameras offered on Control4's website. Pricing is not an issue. Has anybody had any experience with these before? I've got two main concerns:

With 8 IP camera feeds do I risk clogging up my network with traffic? I'm using the Packedge 24 port PoE Managed switches).

How is the driver and interface for the LILIN NVR system on the Control4 navigators? Will I have full stream quality? Playback control? Is it a good UI experience or am I better off using a standalone system with a separate app? 

Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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We have used many Lilin cameras in our projects and they are great.  Traffic doesn't seem to be an issue.  If you are going through a matrix then stream quality will be fine.  If you are going through Control4, then it's OK, more of a reference point.  I will tell you that the NVR control through the Lilin driver on Control4 is nice, full playback control.  You've got to kind of fumble around the first few times, but you get use to it.

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