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A Big Thank You !!! (and particularly the Soho Shop)


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I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for all your help. I had a large C4 install in Michigan and my dealer went out of business. Anyway after much inquiry, I was able to hook up with a dealer from this site (Bryan Jefferson from www.thesohoshop.com). Bryan actually road tripped to my house (all the way from St. Louis, MO) this past Friday and cleaned up so many things that you had all recommended. As a result my system is now very robust and performing at a higher level than ever before. I can now call myself completely satisfied with C4 and look forward to many years of enjoyment. Some highlights of the items you all contributed that may help others with install problems:

1) We initiated 2 zigbee servers, one for each level of my home (one HC500 and one HC300) the 300 now services one entire level and the remotes rock

2) Redid the entire network, upgraded to Cisco 4400n routers and access points much more stable

3) Put in a gigabit switch vs. standard, I was skeptical of this but it really makes a difference, it is amazing how important the network infrastructure is to C4

All in all I now have the following, 1-HC1000, 1-HC500, 2-HC300's, 6 HTC's (for kids rooms etc), 10 thermos, 3 touchscreens (got rid of 2 as the HTC's work better for the rooms in question), lots of switches etc.

The coolest thing is my kids tv's now serve as music server, speaker, weatherstation etc.

I cannot thank you all enough for all the advice!

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