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Acoustic Research Digital MediaBridge DMP3000


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Is anyone using any digital media player (i.e. Acoustic Research Digital MediaBridge DMP3000 or the D-Link DMS 330)? I think there is a Linksys version as well.

Nonetheless, I just purchase the DMP3000 because I have a server full of recorded HD content via PVR card as well as a Blueray DVD drive. My problem is I would like to view content from server on my television. Right now I have to use a serial and head phone jack on my laptop, this is okay but a pain; not to mention it renders the HD and blueray worthless. I just bought the DMP3000 because I can connect it directly to my receiver (component) and stream HD video over WiFi or ethernet to my television. If anyone has done something similar let me know.

Moreover, I wanted to know if anyone has built the drivers for the DMP3000 as well. I think I can build my own driver but I wasn't sure what type of device this would be considered...anyone have suggestions. Lastly, if anyone has any tips for building the driver and adding this component to my system please share. I have never built drivers before, but I do have the composer software and my dealer (tweeter) is going out of business and no longer supporting their C4 installations.

I don't know you need to know what I have but just in case...

1 - HTC

1 - Onkyo SR-674

1 - Motorola DCH3436

1 - D-Link Wireless N dual-band router (also have ethernet switch as well)

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You'll want to use the Netgear 8000 / upcoming 9150, as the drivers are already written and C4 has integration with coverart from .vob and .ifo files. If you wanted to roll your own, you'd need to find a new dealer as it requires 1.7.1 and later and Driverworks.

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