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Can any people that know the GE Concord Security system help me?


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I am planning on installing a GE Concord 4 security system in my house and was going to buy the hardware from spytown.com but there are so many hardware options I really have no idea which one is appropriate, nor do I know what is better than anything else.

I will need:

1. GE Concord System with at least 24 hardwire zones & battery backup, and 1 touchpad

2. 44 wireless window contacts, either the low profile or the long life

3. Outdoor siren

4. 10 glass break sensors (wired)

5. 2 garage door sensors

6. 4 wired door contacts

If anyone has experience with this system and give me recommendations/part #s I would appreciate it... Both the GE site and most of the security sites dont really give much info on the differences.

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So far this is what Ive found:

1. System, alpha touchpad, siren, 3 door contacts, 1 motion: http://www.spytown.com/80-968-4.html

Battery: http://www.spytown.com/60-681.html (Do I need anything else to use this with the above?)

8-zone expander: http://www.spytown.com/60-774.html (Does this work with GE Concord 4?)

2. http://www.spytown.com/60-641-95.html

3. Included with #1

4. Glassbreak: http://www.spytown.com/5812a-w.html or http://www.spytown.com/60-873-95.html

5. ??

6. http://www.spytown.com/1075tw-n.html would this work for front/deck/entry doors?

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