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WTB: TS-AMS24 Audio Matrix Switch + other stuff


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I am looking for a dealer that can order the following:

Qty    Part Number
1    TS-AMS24
30    C4-FP1-LA
5    C4-FP1-BL
21    C4-FP2-LA
2    C4-FP2-WH
1    C4-FP2-BL
6    C4-FP3-LA
1    C4-FP3-WH
1    C4-FP3-BL
1    C4-FP4-LA
2    C4-FP4-BL
16    C4-CKKD-LA
2    C4-CKKD-BL

If you have the ability to order this for me, please PM me.
Looking to order in the next week if possible.

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