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SiriusXM radio driver?


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Is there a driver for any standalone SiriusXM radio tuner (other than the one in the old multituner?)


i would like to SiriusXM radio over the air but have a navigator interface that shows song info like all the other music apps and not tge generic media player interface like the multituner driver does.   Alternatively p, if the C4 multituner XM driver could be updated to show a more modern display that would be good too.  Take the new 2.10 driver and make a version where it uses the tuner and not an Internet stream.

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34 minutes ago, Audio Obsessions said:

I highly doubt that will ever happen, why would you want this vs the internet version?


So I can get content OTA from the Satellite and not have to rely on the Internet.  Also streams get interrupted or time out sometimes which is not a problem with using a receiver.

There are also some channels that are available OTA (they can't be streamed)

if my my cable goes out, I've lost all my video.  I don't want to have limited audio choices too.


I do the same for local radio - my preference is to use the tuner first.  My local teams broadcast on the radio but blackout games on the streaming version of the channel.

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