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Dimer LEDs with LED Attached unchecked


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I have seen this subject disucssed previously but I don't see the behavior they mentioned...

I have dimmers in a master bedroom that are being used for seen control (ie. Buttons Attached is unchecked). I want the LED colors to reflect the current lighting scene instead of the attached load's on-off state so I have unchecked LED Attached.

The problem is that I cannot then figure out how to change the LED colors in programming. I can use the action "Set top LED ... to Red when off", etc, but this only seems to change the colors that would be used if the LED were attached (i.e. I go back to the System Design/Advanced Settings and the LED colors have changed there, but the actual LED colors don't change on the dimmer).

How can I change the color displayed on the dimmers LEDs when LED Attached is unchecked?

I have read the prior post that states that an unattched LED is always in the Off state and you can change its color by setting the Off color. That just doesn't seem to work. I am using Composer v1.6


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I unattached the LEDs on my dimmer, and tried to change the color but was unable like you stated. However, what you could do (and I was successful in doing this) is check to attach the LEDs, change the color you want, and then uncheck LEDs attached. See if that works for you.

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