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Hello All

We as you may know the forum software we use for this site is called punbb. They have released a new version and I did a basic upgrade of a snapshot of our current database and settings.

There are numerous items that do not work on the upgrade that will have to be upgraded in order for them to function properly. ie File Library, Post Quick Displays (7 Days, 30 Days), and many other mod's we made to this system. There were a ton.

I don't not want to spend too much time upgrading the system if no one's into it. We can just leave it at the current version and continue to patch it. Not many people have switched to the new version so it's not a mandatory upgrade at this time.

What do you all think? You can checkout the site at http://beta.c4forums.com. Post your comments below.

Your Logon and Password will work. However all changes / posts on this site will not be retained so please don't start using this site in a production manner.


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I kinda like this site better Dan.


Darker. Can you brighten up the site. Just looks sterile.

I do like the fact that the Darker Squares indicate the New Posts. But now you can take out the "New Posts" after the topic. To be perfectly honest I never really paid attention to those on this site until now. :rolleyes:

Just a Quick Browse.

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After having it up and running I don't think we are going to be migrating to that version of the software. There is an alternative Fork of the software that has been created that we are looking into.

We are in no rush to change the site, just want to keep it up to date to make sure it has all of the desired functionality.

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