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1st time programming help needed.


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Having a few problems.

I have an HC500 and an HC300 in a rack in equipment closet as well as 3 Directv recievers and a 400 disk DVD. The HC500 is dedicated for my living room and all is well. The HC300 is running through a modulator to my Master bedroom. In the master bedroom only in navigator I can not see any one of the satellite receivers or DVD changer under the watch or TV tabs I can however see them under the listen and music tabs. I have made all connections in Composer (Composite video out from satellite receivers and DVD's direct to video 1,2,3,etc on Master bedroom tv) and in system programming room level navigator tab my equipement is not listed either. Please help.

One other problem is my Av receiver driver had a few incorrect or incompatable codes fro a few buttons. i was able to edit the driver and learn in all but one button. My receivers HDMI3 input button. Is the capture device in the controller the problem? Why would I be able to learn Power on/off, zone2 Power onn/off, and AFD auto but it will not learn my input HDMI3. Any input would help.

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