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I am using Control4/NETGEAR EVA8000 to manage a home video library. When browsing the video list, the file names come up but cover art is blank. Is there a way to set up a default so Control4 uses a screen capture as cover art automatically (e.g. youtube, Windown Media Center, etc.)? If not, is there a way to easily add a screen capture similar to NETGEAR's "tag tool" software?

Almost all applications use a screen capture to illustrate video files...seems like an obvious feature request.

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What file types are you using? My understanding is that .ifo and .vob files are the only ones that will get the coverart. I do not think it is possible to get a "screen shot" as you are describing, and I'm not sure whether that's a Control4 driver issue or Netgear, as it would have to be the netgear device to generate that.

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