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I have an Avaya phone system in my house. I have 2 doorbells that ring the phone system (front door and side door) with speakers at the door bell so we can pick up the phone in the house and speak to the person at the door. Very nice.

I'd like to trigger an IP camera to come up on the touch screen (or navigator screen) when the door bell is pushed. I realize that I will need a relay connected from the phone system to C4 to do this. Each door bell gets it's own extension on the phone system.

How would I go about this from a wiring standpoint? I'd like to do the wiring and have my c4 dealer simply connect it to my c4 project. But I'd like to do some of the labor here in running the wires, finding the right connection in the Avaya system, etc.

If I ask Avaya for technical support on this (dubious as to whether they'd speak to me about it) I may get into a warranty issue, so I'm asking here.

What are the steps for finding the way to locate a relay that causes the extension to ring which I can then also send up to my C4 gear?

BTW, thanks to Codeman for mentioning this idea in an earlier thread.

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