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3rd Party Keypads/Switches? Vantage?


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This is a cross post from the C4 Hardware section, so excuse the duplication here.

I am curious if there are any 3rd party compatible/supported keypads for Control4, such as Vantage or Legrand. I really like Control4 but the aesthetic look of the switches leaves me wanting something else. I know that the Zigbee protocol is increasing in usage, so I was curious if anyone knew of existing (or on the horizon) 3rd party keypads that would work seamlessly with Control4.

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The only keypads that currently would work are ones for which a DriverWorks driver has been written for the system they connect to.

For example, the Vantage keypads talk to the vantage system, not directly to Control4. If a Vantage driver was written, it could get the keypad output and use it in the Control4 system.


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