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Lamp Keypad Control with Hue


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I’m seriously considering upgrading to C4 from Hubitat (and SmartThings before that) for a number of reasons.  One of the biggest issues I have is that we want to have the keypads on the wall properly control lamps in the rooms.  Currently, I use Lutron Pico remotes wall mounted nicely in the gang box next to the room light switches. The Pico is connected to a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, the buttons are mapped in Hubitat to the Cree Connected bulbs connected to Hubitat.  Pressing a button turns lamps in room on or off, holding the same button dims up or down depending on the button.  At first this worked well (with just those devices on Hubitat) until I connected everything else to Hubitat and the hub can’t handle the load so responsiveness and reliability has been horrible.  I’ve tried this with Hue too (same setup but rather than Cree connected bulbs I’ve added Hue bulbs connected through Hue Hub also linked to Hubitat) - this also had responsiveness issue which I had thought was due to using three hubs but now think it may have been due to Hubitat Hub being overloaded.  I prefer the Hue route since those bulbs can be configured to stay off if the power glitches in the middle of the night.

I’m wondering how people’s experience with C4 has been using a keypad to control lamps in the room.  I’m trying to have high reliability - and avoid both lag and popcorn effect.  Have you had success avoiding these problems using a C4 keypad with hue bulbs integrated with C4 through Hue hub?  What about a Lutron Pico integrated with C4 and mapped to control Hue bulbs?  Using Cree connected bulbs via Vera hub (which I think is the only way to integrate with C4?)?  

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