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Advise/Poll Upgrade media controller to HC300/200


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Perhaps some of you guys could give me some advise.

I have a stable system running on Version 1 hardware and software version I probably won't upgrade right away to any newer versions of software (1.8 or 2.0). Is there any reasons you guys can think of for and upgrade to the newer hardware?

At this time the only thing I may want to get upgraded is 3.5' panels to 7' panels and possibly change my remotes to SR-250's which should be possible with my older version 1 hardware. I do however have some lag from the remotes and touchscreens when selecting large playlists of music. Has anyone found that adding and external drive to a version 1 controller speed's up access to large playlist's?

The only other feature I would like is the higher resolution navigator that the newer controllers provide, howerver I am not sure it is worth the cost?

So what do you guy's think. Keep the version 1 hardware or add an HC-300. If I do add the new HC-300 will my dealer still be able to use all of the port's (RS-232) on the version 1 controller?

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The new remotes are certainly a huge improvement over the older versions, take advantage of the upgrade promo and trade in your old remotes.

How is your external drive connected? USB or NAS?

If you are connected USB, you are bottlenecked both by the CPU in the V1 hardware and the USB port. Moving to newer hardware will speed up the navigator, but you will still be restricted on the USB port speed of the controller.

NAS devices can run at much higher speeds based on the quality of the network. Plus DLNA support will be a big advance down the road. (I know you were not talking about OS upgrades, but the are coming so it's something to consider). So if you haven't purchased any external drives, look for a NAS based solution (ReadyNAS is my preferred NAS).

You can keep running your older gear and using the associated ports for IR and 232, the newer gear would make a better director since it has more power under the hood.

I think the navigator looks much better in HD, but YMMV.

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Upgrading your controller makes a big difference for navigating the music library. As already stated, USB is still a factor in slowing things down. My recommendation would be to get an HC-1000 and store your music there. It will give you both a HUGE speed increase as well as bring the music into an internal drive that will be much faster than a USB drive. However the HC-1000 may also be total overkill depending on the size of the rest of your system. It also is only a Director and not a navigator so you will not get the added benefit of High Resolution navigators. Personally I think anything with more than a TV, DVD and 2 light switches should have an HC-1000 in the project, but I also think that any lag is unacceptable. So if you add a 3rd switch or a 2nd TV get an HC-1000!! Especially now that the price is 1/2 of what it was and you're getting twice the power, I highly recommend it.

You'll also notice the rest of the system get a bit snappier. All of your touch panels will talk directly to the HC-1000 over IP so the response time will go up on those as well. Every system I've installed an HC-1000 on, the customer has loved it.

I bought my HC-1000 back in the days of V1 and have loved it, I can only imagine getting the V3 HC-1000 now....


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