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Yale Real Living (YRD240-605) Keyless Deadbolt


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Wanted to post a quick note for anyone in the future that may be trying to add this lock to their project.   tl;dr - it is too old and won't work properly with C4.

The lock came out a while ago, I bought new (according to amazon) this month (went with this because the color (polished brass) matches our current hardware and newer models don't come in this color).  We got it added to the project (using the red c4 yale zigbee module) and it appeared to work correctly - would lock and unlock but other functions didn't work (wouldn't update status and lock management kept failing when trying to add codes through c4 app).  Noticed in driver the model number (default) and hardware version (0) didn't change too.  Some forum posts alluded to similar issues. 

Noticed the driver documentation says it requires a c4 zigbee module firmware of "at least version 4" (check - mine was version 5) and "version 2.7 lock firmware" (fail - mine was 2.2).  So this last thing was the issue and it isn't easy to find the firmware version - you have to open up the lock and look at the board where (in my case it said "SW2.2-1504-00354"). 

When we replaced this lock with a newer one (a YRL226 using the same c4 zigbee module) running "SW2.8" everything worked perfectly.  So the issue appears to have been the firmware version being outdated.  Just wanted to flag this for anyone that may be searching the forums in the future since the reference to the firmware version issue is in the driver doc and the lock's firmware is different from the module's and not easy to find....

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