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Matrix plus Amps Question


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Two Questions:

1- I have a simple system- 5 audio zones and only one music source (I want the same source to always be played through whichever zones are turned on.) I have two 4 zone amps (104) and I’m told that I need a matrix switch as well. Do I need the matrix if I only have one input zone? 
2- I am told that the only way I can use Spotify is if I use Sonos for my ‘input’. I thought Spotify can run natively through C4. I’d like my kids to simply be able to go to their Spotify app and turn on music. 
Thanks for the help!

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My whole story is that my system has never worked well. And now my dealer is out of business. I was contacted by someone else (via the old dealer) who is basically a 24 year-old kid with zero experience. I know a lot about C4 for an end user- but I still require a dealer whether I like it or not- so I’m a bit lost. I used to program using the Controller Home edition, but can’t find that anywhere anymore. 
I have two ‘theater’ setups. My living room has an EA3 with receiver and components, my family room has an EA1 with receiver and components. I have a 16x16 matrix switch which had only two inputs used, and a 104 4 channel amp. They could never get the second audio input into the matrix to work so I abandoned it and just bought a separate set of speakers for family room music and ran new speaker wires for this music zone. I have the living room setup the same way- 5.1 home theater setup plus two more speakers just for music- seems silly, but that’s how I’m set up. Now the family room is the same. So I now have a fifth audio zone so I was advised to buy another 104 or switch to a 108. I bought a second 104 (used). I was also told that I need a Sonos box to listen to music easily so I bought that too, although I thought C4 should natively handle Spotify. Anyway, I now have only one audio input. I’ll never play separate sources in my audio zones. Not sure why I can’t just plug the Sonos directly into the amp, but I was told I can’t. And now that I have 2 104’s instead of a single 108 I’m not sure how I’d do that anyway. 
So I have some hardware that needs to be added to my system…then I need a dealer for programming. There are some other things I’d like to add too- but feeling a bit helpless here. Sorry such a long response…thanks!

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