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Chowmain - Tedee Door Lock Driver (FREE)


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Chowmain releases FREE manufacturer sponsored Tedee smart lock driver for Control4. Tedee is the sleekest and most powerful smart lock on the market, combining awarded design, patented mechanics, and leading cybersecurity solutions.

Working on the inside of your door – unseen by others – it brings advanced smart features to every property’s essential hardware. With up to 12 months of operation on a single charge, Tedee smart lock is a discreet addition to the smart solution you already use, bringing impressive change to your everyday lifestyle.

The FREE Manufacturer sponsored Tedee Door Lock driver for Control4 allows the following functionality.

Driver Features

  • Manufacturer sponsored FREE driver
  • Bi-directional IP based communications / feedback (requires internet connectivity)
  • Ability to automatically import door locks
    • Automatically rename locks to Tedee naming
  • Door Lock Features
    • Battery Level
  • Door Lock Proxy
    • Option to notify proxy for Semi-locked as Locked or Unlocked.
  • Commands / Feedback
    • Open
      • Close
  • Door Lock Driver
  • Commands
    • Lock Door
  • Unlock Door
    • Force Unlock
      • Unlock or Pull Spring
    • Without Auto Pull Spring
  • Events
    • Uncalibrated
      • Unknown
    • Calibrating
    • Unlocked
    • Semi-Locked
    • Unlocking
    • Locking
    • Locked
    • Pulled
    • Pulling


How much does this driver cost?

This driver is manufacturer sponsored and is provided free of charge.

Do I need a smart bridge?

Yes, you do. The access operations are verified in the Tedee online cloud for optimal security of smart features. An Internet connection is also required to integrate a smart lock with your Control4 installation.

Tedee smart bridge is a soap-sized plug inserted into an electric socket inside your property, up to 2m from the door. It must be in the range of your internet-connected Wi-Fi network.

Smart bridge: explained here: https://tedee.com/what-is-bridge-and-do-i-need-it/

Is it secure?

Tedee is an AV-Test-certified secure smart home device. Mechanically, it does not affect hardware security in any way. Your digital access is ensured with multiple technologies. All communication is encrypted with a multi-level mechanism, and cloud access is authenticated with asymmetric keys. At the same time, Bluetooth connection uses a secure protocol.

Read our manual of smart lock security: https://tedee.com/is-smart-lock-secure/

Does it work with my door?

Tedee works with most door locks with European- and Scandinavian-type cylinders. Some measurements need to be verified on outward-opening doors.

Check the requirements in detail here: https://tedee.com/can-i-install-tedee-smart-lock/

Do I need to change my cylinder?

No, if your European-type cylinder works with the emergency feature. In this case – and with Nordic-type door locks – you may use a compatible adapter.

Suppose your European cylinder does not have an emergency feature. In that case, you need to replace it with a compatible model or a dedicated modular cylinder offered by Tedee.

Learn how to check your cylinder: https://tedee.com/does-my-cylinder-have-an-emergency-function-what-is-it-do-i-need-i/

Can I still use a standard key?

Yes, you can. From the outside, your lock can always be used traditionally. On the inside, you can manually lock and unlock the door by rotating Tedee like a thumb turn.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link


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