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Chowmain - Sunsa Wand Driver (FREE)


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Chowmain releases FREE manufacturer sponsored Sunsa driver for Control4. The Sunsa Wand is the easiest and most affordable way to automate and turn your blinds smart in under 2 minutes.

The Sunsa Wand allows users to control manual blinds from anywhere. It is compatible with any existing window blind model, including horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and mini-blinds and operates automatically through the smartphone and/or integrations with smart home technologies like Control4, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It installs on existing blinds in under two minutes with no special tools and without damaging the blinds. Consumers get the exact same benefits of expensive high-end blinds systems, without the cost and without having to replace existing blinds.

Simply replace your current blind’s wand with the Sunsa Wand and you have automated, motorized smart blinds that can tilt your blinds open and close.

Driver Features

  • Manufacturer sponsored FREE driver
  • Bi-Directional control
  • Battery level feedback
  • Level commands
    • In Navigato
      • 0 is close (closed up - left for vertical blinds)
      • 50 is completely open
      • 100 is close (closed down - right for vertical blinds)
    • In programming
      • -10 is close (closed up - left for vertical blinds)
      • 0 is completely open
      • 10 is close (closed down - right for vertical blinds)


How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by Sunsa and is FREE

Where can i purchase these devices from?

Sunsa Wand is available for purchase from their website https://www.sunsawands.com/

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries will last around 9-12 months with opening and closing the blinds multiple times per day.

Do I need a hub?

No, the Sunsa Wand connects directly to Wi-fi and does not require the purchase of an additional hub.

Can I move my blinds to any position, not just fully opening and closing?

Yes, you can fully open blinds in either direction or to a certain percentage from 10% to 100%, with 100% being fully closed and 0% being fully open.

Can I still use the wand manually?

If you ever needed to use the Sunsa Wand manually you can although it is not designed for manual use on daily basis, instead the apps, smart home integrations and schedules are meant to replace manual usage.

In addition, there is an option to set-up double-tap for operating the blinds. This allows you to double tap the side of the wand to open or close the blinds.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link


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