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Chowmain releases TTLOCK driver for Control4 providing integration to hundreds of lock manufacturers who utilise TTLOCK technology in their locks. TTLock is a company that specializes in smart lock solutions and provides a range of products and services related to electronic locks. They offer innovative lock technologies that incorporate features such as keyless entry, remote access control, and advanced security options. TTLock has partnerships and collaborations with hundreds of lock manufacturers and brands. These partners integrate TTLock's technology into their locks, making them compatible with TTLock's API.

TTLock enabled products cater to various use cases. Lock types include Door Locks, Dead Bolts, Access Control Keypads, Cylinder Locks, Sliding Door Locks, Screen Door Locks, Indoor Handle Replacements, Drawer locks, Key Safes, Pad Locks, Glass Door Locks and more.

With our driver, you can seamlessly integrate these TTLock powered locks into Control4 for bi-directional control and feedback.

Driver Features

  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Set the Auto Lock Time
  • Add, Modify and Remove Users using the Control4 UI
  • View the lock's history
  • Available Variables
    • Battery level as percentage (which you can use with our Battery Indicator driver)
    • Last user as advertised by the lock (including changes outside of Control4)
  • Programming Actions
    • Set lock state to Lock, Unlock or Toggle
    • Disable Auto Lock
    • Set Auto Lock Time
  • Device Specific Events


Why is this product so exciting?

TTLock provides hardware components for hundreds of lock manufacturers around the world enabling manufacturers to develop smart locks easily. As such the driver works with all of these brands that utilise TTLock.

These brands have created numerous lock types including door locks, access control panels, dead bolts and more. Integration provides the ability to lock, unlock, add/modify/delete users and get feedback on lock state along with events.

Note that a gateway / hub is required for communications to the TTLock cloud. Please ensure that you purchase a gateway / hub and test remotely via their app prior to integration.

What types of locks are compatible?

Various brands have different types of locks compatible with the driver. We have seen

  • Door Locks
  • Dead Bolts
  • Access Control Panels (with relay output)
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Screen Door Locks
  • Indoor Handle Replacements
  • Drawer locks
  • Key Safes
  • Pad Locks
  • Glass Door Locks

How do i tell if the lock is compatible with the driver?

The manufacturer may have their own branded app however the app will look the same as the official TT Lock app in terms of layout, control and functionality.

The credentials you use to sign up and log into the branded app will also work with the official TT Lock app as well.

You can find the official TT Lock app via the links below for iOS and Android. Please make sure that the screenshots in the branded app matches the screenshots in the official app.

iOS App Store

Google Play Store

How can we manage access?

The driver will allow you to add / modify / delete users via Control4's navigator interface for PIN codes only. It does not support RFID, fingerprint or other forms of management. You will have to use the brand or official TTLock app if you want to manage non PIN based permissions. The driver will still obtain events from access via these non PIN based access.

Can I manage the Bluetooth, finger print and RFID access via Control4?

No. You will have to use the official Auslock app if you want to manage non PIN based permissions. The driver will still obtain events from access via these non PIN based access.

What brands will this work with?

This driver will work with any devices that are compatible with the TTLock app. Note that a gateway / hub is required for it to integrate to Control4. Gateways are either wifi based (G2 Gateway) or ethernet based (eg G3 Gateway).

Some compatible brands include

Locks can also be found easily on various online marketplaces

TTLock / Sciener also advised us that you can find via their website

Do you have a recommended lock brand?

We recommend Auslock as the driver was built in conjunction with hardware supplied by them and verified working.

AUSLOCK stands out as the best smart lock company for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their locks boast cutting-edge technology, offering advanced features like biometric recognition and remote access control, ensuring maximum security and convenience. Secondly, AUSLOCK excels in product durability, manufacturing robust and long-lasting locks that withstand the test of time. Additionally, their commitment to user experience is unparalleled, as they provide seamless integration with popular smart home systems and user-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, AUSLOCK's exceptional customer support ensures prompt assistance and swift resolution of any concerns. Overall, their innovation, reliability, user-centric approach, and exceptional customer service make AUSLOCK the premier choice in the smart lock industry.

I want to try this driver out before buying it?

All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link


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2 hours ago, Audio Obsessions said:

I just want to confirm that all information to and from the hub happens via the cloud, so once configured, codes will work as stored; however any programming against on user x unlock do y, will not work without the cloud connection? Does this all sound about right.

Yes the driver requires internet connectivity for that type of programming.

Note though if you use the driver to change codes the codes are stored in the lock itself so if you do lose internet or mains power the codes will still open the door.  It will just not operate any automation tasks that you have programmed against the user.

Hope that answers your question 

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