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Yeah I tried “Menu” and it just brings up the sidebar for subtitles, audio etc. 

Do you happen to know which driver you’re using? There’s one driver on the C4 drivers page and then there’s a driver on the actual Zidoo page but it’s from 2018. I believe the one my installer chose was the one from the C4 page but not 100% sure. 

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If you send me a PM with your e-mail address, I can e-mail you the latest driver. The one on the Zidoo website is a little older but someone sent me the latest one. I think the one on C4's driver website is even older. 


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22 hours ago, stibone said:

I'm using the Z1000 Pro in my theater room and generally finding it works well with C4 with 2 exceptions. I'm wondering if the Chowmain TCP driver might help. Issue one, I can't longpress on "Ok" on my Halo Touch remote to bring up the expanded menu for media files which allows you to rematch metadata, mark as watched etc. If I press "info" on the remote it just brings up the video info (i.e. resolution, HDR/SDR, etc). Is there a way to program web commands to simulate long pressing "Ok" on the original Zidoo"


The 2nd issue I have is triggering lighting scenes via "Play" on the Halo. Pressing "Play" does not launch a media file, only "Ok" will launch a media file. What I'm having to do is press "Ok" to launch the file and then press "Play" to trigger the lighting. Ideally, I'd want to just press "Play" to both play the media file but also trigger the lighting scene without a 2nd press. Would the TCP driver be able to send a command that would allow "Play" on the Halo to do that? 


Also open to any other creative ways to get around those 2 issues. Thanks! 

Let me see if I can help a bit. Regarding the second issue, with the Chowmain TCP driver, you could program that a "play" command in the room sends an "ok" command. I honestly use "ok" to start movies and have my lighting triggered differently. I have attached the list of IP commands for the Zidoo that can be used with the TCP driver. 

As for the menu you asked about, honestly, I think I have just ended up using the Zidoo remote. But there may be an IP command for that menu in the list. I haven't looked. 

Zidoo IP Protocol.pdf

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